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What do GRT Pros get with GRT for Email?

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GRT Email Template for Your Selected Provider

This is how you can use GRT text formatting styles in your emails! 💡

Each time you use GRT for Email, you’ll receive a style template for your selected email provider.

After implementing this template, you’ll be able to use the GRT text formatting styles detailed below in your email newsletters!

And no need to worry about any part of the process—we’ve got you covered with documentation and videos every step of the way.

Fabulous Formatting Features

Wow your newsletter subscribers with style and sophistication 🎩

With GRT for Email, your emails will look clean and polished thanks to sizing and spacing based on the Golden Ratio. And then you can add extra flair with these awesome formatting styles:

  • Headings
  • Content Callouts
  • Buttons
  • Blockquotes
  • Drop caps
  • Highlights
  • Salutation + Signature!

Also, don’t forget—you can combine styles to create tantalizing visuals in your emails!

Access to the GRT Forums

A friendly place where the learning never stops! 👍

If you’re looking for help with implementation, formatting, best practices, or even creative ideas, the GRT Forums are the ultimate place to hang out and talk typography with the pros.

Bottom line? Your GRT Pro subscription includes forum access, and the help you need is always just a forum post away.

Stand Out in the Inbox

…with the best text formatting in the business 😤

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