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  • Discover the perfect typography for your website by entering your current (or desired) font, font size, and/or content width
  • Experiment with different fonts, sizes, and widths to see what works best
  • Optimize for the ultimate reading experience on any device

Why add Golden Ratio Typography to your projects? 🤔

Here’s why it’s essential to add Golden Ratio Typography to your next project:

  • GRT-enhanced text looks inviting and is easy to read
  • Visitors will pay attention longer, consume more content, connect with your messages better, and buy more of whatever you’re selling!
  • You—and your message—will be more authoritative 💪🏿

Why not give your projects an unfair advantage with Golden Ratio Typography?

Wayyyy more than a line height calculator 🤯

The GRT Calculator provides a complete design system that includes the foundational elements you’ll need for every project:

Take advantage of this 2-for-1 GRT special: Pro + Email! 💥

We’re here to help you make the internet more beautiful and easier to read. And that’s why we’re offering a 2-for-1 special on our flagship products, GRT Pro and GRT for Email.

Buy one, and you’ll receive complimentary access to the other. This way, you’ll be able to use Golden Ratio Typography styles everywhere you compose text!

Focus Card: GRT Pro
  • Generate GRT CSS—or SCSS, if you prefer—for unlimited websites or projects
  • Access to the GRT Forums
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Focus Card: GRT for Email
  • Generate unlimited GRT email templates for your selected email provider
  • Access to the GRT Forums
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Dig deeper 🧐

Did you know? The GRT Calculator also includes a handy API you can use to add dynamic GRT outcomes to your own software!