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The Ultimate Golden Ratio Typography Solution for WordPress

Attempting to retrofit a WordPress Theme with GRT can be quite a pain, even for experienced Theme developers. Instead of trying to shoehorn this technology into an existing Theme, why not try the ultimate GRT solution for WordPress?

The Focus WordPress Theme is a blazing-fast design that brings the power of Golden Ratio Typography to your WordPress website.

But this isn’t just a basic GRT implementation—Focus is the “endgame” of GRT-driven design. It’s what happens when you take the GRT design system to its logical conclusion.

The resulting customization power and flexibility are unlike anything that’s ever existed before. Here’s a little taste of how it works:

  • You change a primary font size in the design options
  • Using this new font size, Focus recalculates your primary design variables—typographic scale, line heights, and associated spacing units
  • Focus updates hundreds of items in your CSS according to these newly-calculated values
  • Your design is now perfectly tuned for your new design options settings

This provides tremendous leverage and some really handy benefits. Let’s look at a couple of them now…

First, it enables rapid prototyping with a level of precision that has never been possible before. Want to see how your design will look with 20px Open Sans as a base? Or how about 18px Merriweather? No problem—you can test any combination in seconds.

Next, this GRT environment enables the creation of adaptive customizations. If your customizations reference values from the primary design variables, then they will adapt to any changes you make to the design options.

Under this arrangement, your customizations no longer exist as a separate layer of your website—they actually become part of the Focus GRT design system!

Bottom line? If you’re looking for the perfect GRT implementation for your WordPress website, you need to check out Focus!

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