GRT Solutions for WordPress

Attempting to retrofit a WordPress Theme with GRT can be quite a pain, even for experienced Theme authors. Instead of trying to shoehorn this technology into an existing Theme, why not try the ultimate GRT solution for WordPress?

The Thesis Theme is a savvy design and template management system that brings the power of GRT to your WordPress website.

High-performance designs that run on Thesis are called Skins. Because of their deep GRT integrations, Skins offer a level of customization precision you simply will not find with any other WordPress Theme or Plugin.

Why does GRT matter in a WordPress Theme?

The short answer here is customization.

Consider a WordPress Theme that ships with a base font size of 16. Out of the box, everything in the design might look “right” at that size. Headlines, line-heights, padding, margins—it all looks ok…as long as you don’t change anything.

But what if you want to bump up that font size to 18 or 20?

This is where you realize the truth:

You can’t change just one variable (like the primary font size) and expect everything else in the design to “just work” with this new adjustment.

With GRT, when you change a single variable, everything in the design adjusts to accommodate this change.

In other words, GRT maintains proportionality throughout the design, thereby ensuring your customizations will always look great!

Because Thesis Skins enable precise GRT CSS tuning combined with unmatched speed and ruthlessly optimized HTML, they are the perfect foundation for any WordPress website.