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Golden Ratio Typography for Email

There’s no getting around it—elegant formatting breathes life and character into your writing. It signals to the reader, “Pay attention! This is more valuable than plain old text.

Take a look at these before and after emails, and you’ll see what I mean:

default email formatting in Gmail

Before: A wall of tiny text with minimal formatting… not very exciting 😔

But crappy, default inbox formatting gives you an opportunity to shine with GRT!

sample email formatted with GRT for Email

After: Easy-to-read text with generous whitespace, color accents, and stylistic flair! 😎

Which email do you want your audience to read? Rhetorical.

Bottom line? Hold your readers’ attention better, generate more clicks, and enjoy more love for your content with GRT for Email!

How to add GRT styling to your emails:

Become a GRT Pro, and you’ll receive an email template kit—complete with instructions—for your selected campaign provider each time you use this Calculator.

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